Joe Watson Knives

High performance, American handmade knives for concealed carry and every day utility use.

This operation is a one -man-show by a former US Army Combat Infantryman, outdoorsman and practitioner of weapons based martial arts.

His goal is simple: to produce quality, handmade cutting tools for the working man to carry and use daily. There are so CNC machines, mills or even grinding jigs in his small shop. He has always liked items that had their own soul and an organic feel, not pieces that look and feel like they rolled off an assembly line. Each knife is built by Joe, one step at a time using only US sourced materials.

If you're looking for a prybar or screwdriver, this is not the maker for you. These knives are what knives are for- cutting and puncturing things.

Mr. Watson's History:

"I originally started out doing knife & sheath modifications. Growing up, I couldn't afford a custom piece, so I tried to modify cheap factory knives as best I could. Upon entering military service, I found that there where primarily knives for hunting or "tactical knives" that functioned like a fantasy knife. A major issue with most knives available were sheaths, many sheaths out there are incompatible with service equipment or highly impractical for quick access and secure retention. I started making kydex sheaths for factory blades, as well as thinning handles and re-profiling edges. This was done so the knives would take up less space, and perform cutting tasks better. Still, the factory knives have terrible heat treating and are typically cut using high-temp laser cutting, so they do not keep an edge for long. Also, most factory knives had sharpening notches, which can snag badly on materials during fast and frantic cutting. I have witnessed numerous times someone cutting something they did not intend to, or a knife getting stripped out of their hand in this manner. I realized that buying from a skilled custom maker, I could get a quality piece built how I wanted. However, I was also paying a premium for immaculate fit/finish and aesthetic details I personally did not need or want. So, I set out to make my own blades with good cutting geometry, perfect heat treat and reasonable, yet rugged fit and finish.

A small fixed blade has always been better for me than a folder. They're more quickly deployed and stowed. They do not malfunction due to sand found in the middle east, there are no screws to lose and no moving parts to break. A fixed blade in a good sheath is also FAR less likely to fall out of  pocket or get removed by a person's environment, never to be seen again.

If you're looking for a small, easy to carry, unobtrusive knife to stash on your gear or for concealed carry use, I may have something to offer you."