Watson Gamboa SM100



This Gamboa Mutation Custom is made from SM100 steel! Features orange double diamond plate G10 grips. 


Joe Watson says: "The Gamboa is the largest, most robust blade we currently make. Darryl wants knives to break things and I want them to cut things, we usually end up somewhere in the middle. Nothing is free in knife design, to gain an attribute you have to give something else up in another area. The Gamboa is ground with a thicker edge than any of our other knives for those who need more durability over delicate cutting ability. It is a rugged knife suitable for overt carry, use with gloves or wet and numb hands. It is on the large size for concealment unless you're a huge person or wear heavy clothes. If you conceal a full size pistol, you can conceal the Gamboa. If you can only get away with a J-frame or noisy cricket, this will be a hard blade to conceal. This is THE knife to purchase from us if hard use is the mission."

From Darryl Bolke: "The name reflects the design. Gamboa is a town in Panama in the former U.S. Canal Zone. My mother was raised there by her Aunt and Uncle. Her Uncle was ... a Canal Zone Police Officer who was stationed at the Penitentiary. Along with the prison, the Dredging Division for the Canal is there with all the unique ships used to keep the canal open. There is one road in....it is where the road ends and the wildest of wild rainforest begins. The end of civilization. It is where the Chagres River flows into the canal under a single vehicle wide railway bridge. It is from that bridge that my mom wanted her remains poured into the river (which we did in January 2002). This knife was designed for the end of the road adventures. Something with more utility use than the original HiTS, but with enough of the features of the original HiTS to serve in a protective mode in those out of the way places. Sometimes the end of the road is the rainforest, a place where only bush planes go, or a dark alley on the side of town where civilized people avoid. It is the right size to carry anywhere. It will cut food, make food, or keep you from being food."


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