Winkler Knives

The history of early America has intrigued Daniel for as long as he can remember. It was this fascination that prompted him to make my first knife in 1975, as part of an effort to authentically outfit himself with the equipment of an 18th century woodsman. Since that time, his interest in history and his desire to make knives have continued to grow.

Daniel became a full time bladesmith in 1988. His inspiration continues to come from frontier America - a time when the equipment a person carried meant sustenance and survival. He strive to be innovative, while maintaining a recognizable style. Daniel's goal is to make tools of uncompromising quality that will last a lifetime and survive as heirlooms for future generations. Through his work, he hopes to preserve the heritage of utilitarian art and to promote the legacy of America's Founding Fathers.

In recent years he has had the honor of working with Special Forces Teams in the United States Military, as well as Allied Forces from around the world. This involvement prompted the establihment of the Winkler Knives II product line. The knives and axes in the WKII Collection are all custom made in his shop. Rather than being hand forged, however, they are created through the stock removal process. All designs featured in Winkler Knives II are born of Warriors' experience. Daniel aspires to the same standards of excellence in craftsmanship as with his hand forged work.

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