Tuff-Writer Pens

From Marines hunting terrorists in burning deserts, SAR expeditions in bone chilling mountains, SWAT officers executing high risk warrant service, EMTs functioning in extreme conditions, or a civilian working in a non-permissive environment. All of these special operations groups have something in common - they all require a pen that they can depend on.

These people expect the best from their tools and their pens are no exception. Tuff-Writer strives to design and manufacture pens of superior quality which function under extreme conditions. Every Tuff-Writer is guaranteed to perform as the toughest pen available for individuals who count on their gear for their lives.

We think that the first time you put a Tuff-Writer in your hands you'll understand that it's an essential piece of gear you should never be without.

Through freezing cold, intense heat and the harshest conditions you're likely to find yourself in, a Tuff-Writer will prevail.