Granite Gear Tactical

More than just creative...

Jeff Knight and Dan Cruikshank founded Granite Gear in 1986. It all started when they went on a paddling trip deep in the heart of Quetico. As usual, it took a few days of being out there before shedding the outer layer of plastic civilization and began to get the rhythm of “being” in the wilderness and discovering something about who they really were, and how they wanted things to be. At such a time, Dan and Jeff began to build a fire, both literally and figuratively…. that would become Granite Gear. A fire that started with the idea that they could make gear that genuinely worked, and supported wilderness adventurers in the pursuit of discovering something about themselves.

They are passionate about offering products that are not just creative, but innovative. Creative products have great shelf appeal because they usually come straight from the marketing department, complete with a new buzzword to describe it! To Granite Gear, innovation is more than just being creative for the sake of market differentiation; it has to actually work better. True innovation starts with the fire of an idea, is tested on the trail, and stands the test of time. 

Being Green...

Granite Gear is all about building gear that will last. When you consider how much energy and resources it takes to replace a product, it’s clear this is the most important thing we can do to lighten our footprint. They’re proud to have one of the lowest warranty return rates out there.

They use renewable energy at their homes and headquarters.