LensLight represents the next generation of professional light tools. Very simply, it's focusable. That means that you can see farther, for longer in the dark without going through dozens of batteries. Not only that, with corrosion and weather proof construction, you'll never have to worry about being stranded without light. The hard-anodized finish on a LensLight doesn't meet military specs - it exceeds them. In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to scratch one, let alone break it. With LensLight, you'll realize that change is a good thing. No cheap plastics, no battery-hungry bulbs, and no more hunting for a usable compact flashlight. You'll have the power to go anywhere you want, anytime.

At the heart of every LensLight is, of course, the lens. Made of high-impact hardened glass, the lens works much like a magnifying glass. It focuses the LED's light into a concentrated beam of power and shoots it where you want, not scattered all over the place like with ordinary reflector based flashlights.

Near Bulletproof Construction: Even the brightest flashlights in the world would be useless if you couldn't take them with you. That's why the LensLight was built to handle the toughest environments. Made out of 7075 aluminum and coated with a mil-spec type III hard-anodize finish, the LensLight exceeds US military specs. Heavy-duty rubber seals, and moisture-resistant construction allow the LensLight to go just about anywhere you go. Even the inside of the flashlight is protected which ensures that corrosion has no place to start. The LensLight is built in the USA.

Durable construction: Built to withstand extreme hot, cold, and corrosive environments.

Power through Focus: The difference is in the way LensLight harnesses its tiny light source. LensLight utilizes hardened glass lenses to focus every ounce of light from its LED into a concentrated beam of power. This patented technology allows for a significant array of focusing options ranging from a flood to spot beam. This ensures that the perfect focus setting is available whether you are concentrating the light hundreds of yards away, or lighting up an object nearby.

Efficient, Energy-saving design: Having a flashlight that runs on such low power means that you won't need expensive and hard-to-find batteries, or have to change them out so often. Unlike most flashlights, the electronic current controller inside maximizes the power output, ensuring that the LensLight’s burn time is consistently bright.

Candlepower vs. LUX: With most flashlights, their brightness is measured in terms of candlepower, or lumens. However, this kind of measurement doesn't say how effectively that light is being used. Since LensLight’s are focused, we measure the amount of concentration of light, or LUX that they produce. LUX measurements provide a defining parameter of distance. LensLight doesn't take the brute force approach to getting more brightness. Rather, it achieves it by using its light source in the most efficient way possible.