Otis Gun Cleaning Kits

Breech-to-Muzzle® Cleaning.

This method is the natural direction that the bullet travels through the gun.


The compact / light weight design enables you to carry into the field.

Solid Brass Components.

Brass is naturally softer than the gun bore so it will not scratch or damage firearms.

Military Derived.

Many of our systems are derived and built specifically for the military. Our military items are of military grade and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.


Most systems clean more than one firearm.

Bore Obstruction Removal.

The bore obstruction removers are designed to avoid deforming a stuck bullet and will gently force it out of the bore with multiple taps from the Memory-Flex® cable.

Bore Solvent / Cleaner.

Our solvent cleans, lubricates, prevents rust, penetrates, and demoisturizes.

Our O12 cleaners are USDA BioPreferred® and are safe on all gun metals. Safe for the environment, these cleaners are biodegradable with no harsh odor.

Flexible Cable.

Our Memory-Flex® cables are aircraft grade coated cable with compression crimped fittings that will support up to 750 lbs of pull force. They won’t break, harm the bore, or damage the crown!

Limited Breech.

Our Memory-Flex® cables enable proper cleaning of limited breech firearms without disassembly ( ex. revolvers, lever actions, semi-auto’s).

Multi-Use Patches.

The 100% cotton patches can be used on all firearms, and utilized for up to 6 cleanings.

Tight Patch

Many cleaning instructions recommended that you do not run a tight patch. This is because the rod is so cheap it will break or bend. Run as tight a patch as possible, as this will mold the patch into the corners of the rifling. One tight patch will do the work of 20 or more times with a loose patch.

Made in the USA.