Aimpoint red dot sights are manufactured with the greatest care and precision from the best materials and components available. They are designed for use in the real world, and can handle rough treatment and all imaginable weather conditions. With the variety of models available, there is an Aimpoint sight for virtually every type of firearm. For a sight and a gun to function as a reliable unit year after year, it is important that the mounting is done professionally and the mounting rings and bases are of high quality. An important detail that is often overlooked is the fact that the mounts and rings must be precisely aligned for best performance with any optical sight. The new generation of Aimpoint sights incorporates a very generous range of adjustment, which allows the user to compensate for any misalignment between the barrel, action and mounting hardware.

For 30 years, Aimpoint sights have been used by hunters around the world to take virtually every type of game. From Cape buffalo in Africa to Kodiak bear in Alaska. Elite military and police forces around the world have used Aimpoint sights for more than 20 years. In 1997, the U.S. Army awarded Aimpoint the world's first military contract for red dot sights. Since then, Aimpoint has continued to deliver large quantities of sights to the US Army, US Air Force, US SOPMOD Block2, French Army, Swedish Army, Italian Army, Danish Army and Finnish Army. Furthermore, top international competitive pistol shooters like Saul Kirsch and Rob Leatham rely on the accuracy of these rugged precision instruments to get them to the top.