Helm Forged

The primary goal of Helm Enterprises, Grinding Division is to build quality blades with military and first responder end users in mind.  These brave men and women put their lives on the line on a daily basis and often those lives and that of their team mates and those they are helping depend upon their equipment.  My forged blades have served members of the Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy (alphabetical order, guys), as well as several different law enforcement agencies.  It keeps a man humble knowing that someone may die in service to his country if the tool he made for them fails.

The second goal of Helm Enterprises, Grinding Division is to allow me to work more efficiently, producing more blades while keeping prices reasonable.  I love forging and prefer it over grinding, but it is a slower process.  With standardized designs I can work more in batches, making things faster.

The third goal is to never compromise on quality.  These will not be fancy pieces; they are working tools.  The finish may not be polished, but the performance will be high and they will serve the end user well.  Functionality is at the forefront of design, from the blade shape to material selection.  There are a lot of froofroo designs out there.  I'm keeping it simple and straightforward and above all making sure that it works.