Watson Magni-Micarta

Watson Magni-MicartaWatson Magni-Micarta

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-San Mai

-7" OAL, 3" sharpened

Handle features:

-Stabilized Claro Walnut

Sheath features:

-Sheath is custom formed to each knife for a proper fit. Includes J clip.

-Incudes Hermann Oak Leather sheath.

-There is some room left around the blade, to accept a knife that isn't perfectly clean. Sometimes you must sheath a dirty blade in a hurry and it is important that it wont fall out because it wasn't locked in. 

-The sheath is cut to provide as close to a full grip as possible. Eyelet pattern accepts many popular aftermarket accessories such as MOLLE Locks, Large Teklocks, Inside the waistband loops, etc.

-The two rivets near the tip provide protection against the tip of the knife in the event of a hard fall or accident. This inherently allows the tip of the sheath to be slightly wider and rounded, making it very comfortable for concealed carry. The eyelets provide a place for neck or lanyard carry.