Strider BLG



Feast your eyes on this .....


The concept was born out of the need for a blade for a “federal law enforcement agency” that needed something that is part tool and all knife..... literally “High Speed Tools for Hardcore Individuals” comes to mind.

I brought them about 8 different Strider fixed blades and this is what we came up with. Now.... these guys work outside all the time in small teams and might be riding in trucks, 4wheelers, snowmobiles, or be on foot for extended periods of time. Their uniforms aren’t exactly suits and ties so they didn’t need something smallish, but they didn’t want something too big (and heavier) like a BT or MT-L. This new model is perfect!

After a bunch of back and forth this is what they came up with and our guys at Strider Knives brought to reality...

Think Strider MSS meets DB-L, and add a grooved thumb ramp for better control.

We liked the MSS style handle and grips, especially when using gloved hands. The MSS was originally designed as a bushcraft/survival knife after all, so it’s no wonder they gravitated to that as the “base” of this knife.... 

They went with the thicker stock full .25” thick blade because they may well need to seriously pry with it. They also went with the high quality CPMD2 steel to minimize corrosion. 

It has a full flat back for improved strength and so it can be used to pound in tent/tarp stakes or whatever else needs pounding.

This batch is also supplied with a CSM ballistic sheath with a Kydex insert.