Molle Lok

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The Molle-Lok is an all new innovative attaching system which is designed as an optional attaching device for the Military and Law enforcement. The Molle-Lok attaches accessories to the Pals/Molle body armor or load bearing equipment, vests, tactical bags, pouches etc... The molle-lok is constructed of a hard proprietary polymer which is designed for strength and durability which can withstand the most extreme operating conditions. With its rigid capabilities there is no weaving needed! Making it easier to manipulate; this is a time saver system which allows the operator to easily set up their gear before each mission and is beneficial during low light conditions or maneuvers. We have designed the Molle-Lok with press locking tabs making it easier to manipulate than other Molle attachments once in place it can be permanent. There is no need for any special tools to separate the locking mechanism; i.e. screwdriver or knife tip which can result in bodily injury. This Lok system is reusable and failsafe which is demanded by our US Military forces. The Molle-Lok is manufactured in two sizes. These attachments will accommodate large or small accessories. 


Sold in sets of 2.