RMJ Iron Ulu



-The Iron Ulu was designed by RMJ crew member Jonathan Carmack, with survival and ease of carry in mind.

-Featuring a blade just over 6.25" long this ulu is able to be used for heavy duty cutting and chopping as well as fine detail work. The long cutting edge allows for a section of the blade to be kept razor sharp while the rest of the edge can be used for more abusive cutting.

-Made from 1/4" 4140 steel (the same steel used in the Jenny Wren) the Iron Ulu is able to give powerful chopping blows and stand up to lots of abuse. This allows the ulu to be used as a hybrid between an ax and a knife, good at de-limbing trees and preparing game for dinner.

-The unique design of the Iron Ulu allows it to be easily carried and deployed. It comes standard with a Kydex scabbard set up on the same hole pattern as our tomahawks. RMJ M.O.C. straps, RUMPS, and Blade Tech TEK-LOKs are all compatible with the Iron Ulu's scabbard.

-Comes with the M.O.C. Strap (Low Ride)

-The ulu is finished in "Sniper Gray" Cerakote and features 3D machined layered tan, gray, and black G10 handle scales attached with stainless steel rivets.