Pikal Stainless




Blade features:

One of the unique features he's brought to the Pikal concept is the blade shape and orientation. The upswept cutting edge leads to a tip that is centered in relation to the handle, making it ergonomically correct for thrusting. It is also easy to make "rake" cuts without having to adopt an awkward wrist angle.

Sheath features:

-Sheath is custom formed to each knife for a proper fit.

-There is some room left around the blade, to accept a knife that isn't perfectly clean. Sometimes you must sheath a dirty blade in a hurry and it is important that it wont fall out because it wasn't locked in. 

-The sheath is cut to provide as close to a full grip as possible. Eyelet pattern accepts many popular aftermarket accessories such as MOLLE Locks, Large Tekloks, Inside the waistband loops, etc.

Blue Line Gear includes presentation case and tek lok.