Bawidamann POGN L




pronunciation (PONE) (long O, leave the G silent)


The Pogn by Bawidamann Blades features jimping on the thumb-rest, 5/32 blade stock, 1 1/2 blade depth, full tang construction with heavy chamfering for comfort. She's one of their smallest/lightest most concealable designs - and the first design. She's got a LOT of blade for the size...and she's Silent when you need her. She's the LARGER sister of the Pogn, the perfect fit for most people.

She's stylish and classy until it's time for her to get a little nasty.

The new systems have quickly surpassed the old Kydex sheaths that used to come out of Ben's shop, in both areas of form and function. Much time and thought has gone into providing these solutions, that now come INCLUDED in the price of your Bawidamann Blade.
They have successfully merged their UBER SHEATH with their past/current scabbards to make the UBER SCABBARD; a true multi position carry scabbard. This is the scabbard they always wanted to be able to design and field.

We would like to stress the importance of these upgrades to the experience you will have with our products.

- 10 + Ambidextrous carry positions.?
- ADJUSTABLE RETENTION. Retention can be adjusted by tightening/loosening and removing/adding screw/posts.
- Rivets have been replaced by screws/postnuts so You can completely disassemble the scabbard for thorough cleaning
- PUP and MINI PUP Compatible.
- Ready to carry out of the box


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