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Blue Line Gear is offering a 'B'uild 'Y'our 'O'wn LensLight order system.  Choose first your body, whether it's aluminum or titanium.  The options for that are black or tan aluminum, high polish or beadblast titanium. Then choose high default, dual or single output.  After that, add on the bezel you want (smooth, crenulated in either aluminum or titanium) and the tailcap you desire (momentary on McClicky or Standoff in either aluminum or titanium). The pieces are all interchangeable to make this the light you've always dreamed of, and changeable / adaptable for different applications you find yourself using a light for.

It's a lot of choices and you can add extra pieces as well to complete your package, but the end result is worth the time! **Please check stock tab for out of stock notices** Base price is $105, but each end piece will add to the final price.

1) High Impact Hardened Optical Glass Lenses – protects the LED from the toughest of conditions and diligently bends the light much like a magnifying glass to ensure maximum brightness, distance, and efficiency. But don’t let the durability of a glass lens fool you, these lenses have been vigorously tested and designed to withstand excessive abuse while retaining optimal performance.

2) Patented Focusing Aspherical Lens System – This patented technology allows for a significant array of focusing options ranging from a flood to spot beam. This ensures that the perfect focus setting is available whether you are concentrating the light hundreds of yards away, or simply lighting up an object nearby.

3) Aluminum (7075) or Titanium (6AL-4V) Body, Bezel, Tailcap- domesticaly sourced aerospace grade titanium. DFARS certified.

4a) McClicky Momentary Activation On/Off Switch – This reliable easy to use tailcap switch enables the LensLight Mini’s 2-stage microprocessor to power the flashlight at either an efficient low setting or high output level for maximum brightness. Simply press down once for low setting, press again for high setting, or simply press all the way down for constant-on.


4b) Tailstand Backcap- Allowing the user to stand their LensLight facing up.

5) Light Emitting Diode –A premium exclusive high-tech, high-efficiency LED is used to emit astonishing power that is untouchable by any other light. This everlasting LED is sure to exert enough luminosity to stop any and everything in its track. Now that’s what you call an LED!

6) Premium Grade O-Rings- LensLight Mini contains 6 strategically placed O-rings throughout the flashlight to seal and protect the light's internals from dust, moisture, and any other micro-substance that it may come in contact with. This ensures that the LensLight performs at maximum efficiency at all times and your investment lasts a lifetime.

7) KO: 2X CR123 Batteries

8) Titanium Pocket Clip


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