HiTS Skeleton Ti

HiTS Skeleton TiHiTS Skeleton Ti


HiTS Stealth (Ti)

A scaled down version of the popular HiTS knife for use when concealment is more of a priority.  I had Joe make me a small batch of these as there are some occassions when I need to mount exactly this type of tool to my body armor and I don't like the tell-tale bulging of G10 or even cord wrap.  I couldn't be happier with how these turned out.  Because of this application- I had Joe make some of them with spare sheaths so you can keep a sheath mounted to your armor, behind a rifle mag carrier, on a pack, wherever- and still have one always ready for EDC belt carry. 

Blade features:

Constructed with 5/32" thick 6AL4V Titanium that will not rust even under very harsh conditions, and is 40% lighter than steel.

Tungsten carbide edge is around 70 Rockwell, wear resistance is excellent. It is not necessarily better or worse than steel, but different. It will not take a shaving sharp edge suitable for push cutting. The tungsten edge is very aggressive and toothy, it works fantastic on dense fabrics, rope(even underwater) and meat. It is an excellent slicing material.

Handle features:

-The handle is skeletonized an for extra light and thin knife.

Sheath features:

-Sheath is custom formed to each knife for a proper fit.

-There is some room left around the blade, to accept a knife that isn't perfectly clean. Sometimes you must sheath a dirty blade in a hurry and it is important that it won't fall out because it wasn't locked in. 

-The sheath is cut to provide as close to a full grip as possible. Eyelet pattern accepts many popular aftermarket accessories such as MOLLE Locks, Large Teklocks, Inside the waistband loops, etc.

-The two rivets near the tip provide protection against the tip of the knife in the event of a hard fall or accident. This inherently allows the tip of the sheath to be slightly wider and rounded, making it very comfortable for concealed carry. The eyelets provide a place for neck or lanyard carry.

* To resharpen the edge, just use a stone on the edge bevel, then cut through some cardboard to remove the burr. Do not use a stone on the carbide side! Cardboard boxes contain a mild abrasive that will gently sweep away the softer titanium and expose fresh Tungsten carbide. Many folks feel that as they cut through boxes, the blade becomes sharper.