Knight Elements

Knight Elements is a revolutionary collaboration bringing the vast experience from world renowned Knifemaker Jason Knight together with the enthusiasm & entrepreneurial spirit of AJ from Tactical Elements. Together, our goal is to bring Jason Knight designs that are of the highest production quality and make them accessible to the everyday enthusiast.

Who We Are 
Knight Elements was founded in 2019 by Jason Knight and AJ of Tactical Elements.

Jason Knight’s passion for knives started from his childhood, inspired by stories his father read to him, the costumes his mother made him, and all of his adventures in the forests of his home. After attending the Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing in 2001, he received the rank of American Bladesmithing Society Mastersmith along with the B.R. Hughes Award for the best knife by a Mastersmith candidate. Most recently, Jason was a judge on the History Channel’s “Forged in Fire” after winning the competition in the first season. 

AJ's love for all things with an edge started very early on from an old set of kitchen knives. He  was the only kid in his family that had a real love of all things with an edge and pew pew gear. Still to this day at family gatherings there are stories of how he would not leave a toy store without getting either a toy gun or some type of ninja knife/sword. Many years have passed and that enthusiasm has turned into a lifelong obsession of representing and creating gear for all walks of life.