Waterbloc 600 Sleeping Bag

Waterbloc 600 Sleeping Bag


Waterbloc 600: a self-contained, waterproof sleep system. Just add a mat and rain jacket over the hood, and let Mother Nature do her worst! Waterbloc 600 is both waterproof and vapor permeable, and offers excellent warmth and weather protection for its weight. 
Bivy sack and sleeping bag in one: features of a sleeping bag AND a bivy bag together, but overall less weight, pack size, cost and condensation.

  • Easy adjust hood: Uniquely shaped and colored cords adjust separately and are easily distinguished, even in the dark. Elastic drawcord on draft collar offers quick exits and simple venting.
  • Moisture blocker: Treated shell fabrics repel water droplets. Tuck-stitch seams prevent thread from wicking moisture to interior.
  • Draw cord tubes in hood and draft collar are positioned to prevent pressure on forehead and throat.
  • High performance fabrics: The special Texped shell fabrics, Texped PA35 for down bags or Texped PA36 for synthetic bags, feature downproof design by employing a dense weave with a high number of superfine fibers. But despite the tight weave, both fabrics are highly breathable, velvety soft, and very abrasion resistant. They repel water droplets formed by condensation, pack super small and weigh very little. Exped WaterBloc sleeping bags use Pertex Endurance® waterpoof (1500 mm water column and 90% vapor permeable*) shell fabric. Synthetic fill sleeping bags feature a lightweight, water repellant ripstop nylon shell. *Standard-Test BS3546 Part 4 1991.
  • Bar-tacking: Stress points, such as zipper ends, are carefully reinforced to prevent failures, rips and tears.
  • Lining fabrics are comfortable and soft Texped PR 58 microfiber polyester, which easily conforms to body shape and eliminates cold spots. With high thread counts, all fabrics are naturally downproof, unlike cheaper calendered fabrics that lose softness and vapor permeability.
  • Locker Loops permit airing the bag without risk of flights due to wind.
  • Locking zippers feature reflective, glow-in-the-dark pulls that will not accidentally open - once set, the zipper stays set!
  • Inner pockets: convenient storage for small, personal items. To reduce weight, some models stuff into those pockets instead of a separate sack.
  • Draft collar: zipper‘s clever, double velcro closure reliably blocks air.
  • Chin guards: soft fabric guard protects skin from contact with a cold zipper.
  • Fabric edges are overlock-stitched to prevent fraying - especially important with lightweight fabrics.
  • Closed baffles: Highest quality baffle construction prevents down shift between chambers and uneven fill distribution, which could otherwise lead to cold spots.
  • Draft tube: zipper is supported by an oversized draft tube, which also divides the baffle into three chambers to prevent down shift.
  • Mat loops: To prevent movement, 2 attachment loops can secure a sleeping mat to the bag
  • Smart accessories: sleeping bags include a storage sack of ultrafine, No-See-Um netting that does double duty as bug protection or as a laundry bag. Stuff sacks, when included, fold into themselves to save space.
  • Optimal fit: a complete range of sleeping bags to fit most adults, depending on body size and sleeping behavior. (Remember: an improperly sized sleeping bag can be cold if too large or tight, so try it for fit before buying).
  • Tested materials: Exped uses well tested materials from both lab and field. Independent labs use internationally recognized standard tests to evaluate down fill power and quality, water vapor transmission, water column, water repellency, abrasion resistance and tear resistance. Down tests are offered by the renowned IDLF (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) with each production run. (Test results available on request). Field tests are conducted by outdoor professionals, including Erhard Loretan (Himalaya expeditionist with all 14 8000 m summits), Christof Hagen (wilderness and survival expert), Serge Lambert (professional mountain guide with over 30 years of experience), and, Martin Epp (mountain guide and wilderness professional). Of course, numerous other outdoor experts and the Exped team also contribute.
  • Tested Temperature ratings according to EN 13537:The Euro-Norm temperature rating for sleeping bags is designed to provide comparability between different bags and across brands. A certified laboratory measures the heat loss in a climate chamber using a dummy attached to 16 sensors. Men and women have different comfort experiences when exposed to the same temperatures, hence there is a different comfort rating for women and men. The “Lower Extreme” temperature is defined as the point at which a man feels cold without shivering. The “Upper Comfort” temperature is defined as the point at which one begins to feel so hot that the bag must be opened to vent. Note: The results for a given sleeping bag can vary between different individuals. Although these ratings give a good indication, be sure to get advice at a specialist outdoor store since there are so many factors influencing comfort. Even one and the same person under different circumstances can feel up to a 10 degrees Celsius difference in the same sleeping bag! You should also put great emphasis on the correct choice of sleeping mat so it matches the bags performance.
  • The waterpoof WB (WaterBloc) Series: The agony of choice is over: Down or Synthetic filled sleeping bags? Historically, goose down filled bags offered higher quality and features, but synthetics performed better in wet conditions. But now, at least this dilemma is history, because Exped has delivered a unique, waterproof and breathable goose downfill collection of sleeping bags: Ibis WB, Woodpecker WB, Swan WB and Arctic Goose WB! Exped solved this problem by replacing sewn seams with high-frequency welded seams. Thousands of needle holes that allowed water to reach the goose down and rendered the bag useless are now gone! Warm air is stopped from being pushed out during sleep. And seams are double welded for added strength and durability.
  • The WBs are both waterproof and vapor permeable. Even in the worst weather conditions, there are no problems with condensation due to vapor emitted by the body.
  • Still a skeptic? Then don‘t take our word for it! Highly respected, outdoor experts were eager to test a “WB“ bag, and all were quickly sold! Here‘s what a few of them said:Christof Hagen, founder of Survival-Outdoor-School SOS, offers: “Especially for my igloo courses, where melt water and condensation are totally normal, I always used synthetic filled bags. The Swan WB made me change my habits.“ Stephan Sigrist, extreme mountain climber and UIAA Mountain Guide, states “The WB [sleeping bag] was a super 1AA++ choice for me, even in cold and humid Patagonia a bivy bag was unnecessary.“
  • Warranty and Repair Service: Every Exped sleeping bag carries a 5 year, limited warranty. Products with defects in materials and workmanship will be repaired or replaced.
    Double tuck-stitch design: Three layers of fabric, instead of two, are secured together with the seam fixed beneath the surface. This special technique prevents snags, protects the seams from moisture and is more abrasion resistant than simpler, traditional sewing techniques. Inner baffles are secured with a special second seam, so that even if he main seam fails, the goose down fill cannot escape the bag.



    Connectivity: Left and right zips connect 2+ bags together, whether for comfort or emergency warming. YKK #8 left-push zippers (#5 in center zip models) connect with most high quality sleeping bags.

    3-D-baffle design: Horizontal and vertical baffles prevent down shift and eliminate cold spots. Baffles, constructed of fine tricot mesh, easily stand up to the strain of washing.

    Two bags paired together (inner + outer) create a system that can adapt to a variety of adventure situations and temperature ranges. For example, a downfill Woodpecker paired with a synthetic-fill Traveler, or a Bivybag 100% eVent, as the outer bag offers greater flexibility than a single, very warm bag of comparable weight. To ensure this adaptability, Exped considered sleeping bag compatibility and sizing when designing the bags. As such, some bags are cut larger to accept a separate, inner bag (e.g. Traveler). The WB-series bags do it all: great insulation and comfort in a waterproof but breathable, design.


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