Survival Matches



Wind & waterproof safety matches.  These matches burn in the strongest winds and rain for approx. 12 sec. 25 matches per sealed plastic vial with striker. NATO approved, Made in England. NATO # 9920-00-966-9432 

"To Whom It May Concern: I don’t know where to direct this letter to but I figure the marketing dept. would be the best bet because you are always looking for ways to increase sales. I bought some SAS survival matches from your company back in 1984. They have never been used up until two years ago but were always in my backpack, and they worked flawlessly. My friend and I were archery hunting and he was shivering and cold. He had to answer natures call and when he came back with some wood I knew he was cold. He asked for the matches and struck one with no problem. Instant Hot Flame and presto, we now had a fire. Keep up the good work on the quality of products that you have. Semper Fi."

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