Strider TAD AR


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We took in a piece the other day on consignment because it was too cool to pass up- an OLD SCHOOL Strider/TAD AR.

They were done quite a while back and have been really hot on the secondary market.  The SKI/TAD AR original run was numbered #001 - #100 and this one is #60. When we got it it was very lightly used so I sent it back to the S.K.I. SPA where they did the complete SPA tuneup treatment to it.  The lockup and fit / finish is excellent and it hasn't been carried since returning from Strider.

Other features include-

3/4 hollow ground S30V blade with unique top swedge with distinctive striping

Thick, ALL TITANIUM liners


BOS heat treat trademark

STRIDER KNIVES thiick pivot

Serial #060