Strider SMF CuBe



The Strider SMF CuBe.


1 left*. NEW!

Copper Beryllium blade with the latest version of the Strider handle (hidden screws and such).  Strider has almost never released CuBe knives directly to the public so getting a few of these new SMF's is especially rare.  Strider Knives has delivered several contracts of these high end tools directly to military and Other Government Agency (OGA) types.  Copper Beryllium is a unique material that is mainly used by Explosives Ordinance Disposal guys because it's non-magnetic, won't rust, and doesn't spark like traditional steel blades can.  If you have any EOD training you will know that sparks when they are not created by you on purpose can be bad news!    (*warning: do not use this knife on food)

Featuring black G10 handle with flamed ti side and pocket clip.

Stamped 'Strider' and FWP logo.  



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