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newSpanner tool


The PSD Deluxe Strider spanner tool:


  • The PSD tool is a slick design in that the "post" holds the spanner in place when you are working on your Strider- otherwise it's easy for the spanner to slip off and possibly ding up your knife. 
  • Easily removable keychain loop.
  • Made from hardened and tempered 440C tool stainless steel.
  • Fits in any 1/4" hex screwdriver, pocket tool device with 1/4" access, or use the keychain loop.
  • Works to take apart / adjust the Strider spanner side of a SnG, SMF, SJ75, AR, or XL.
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  • NOTE:  This updated design does not have a T10 Torx bit on the end of the "post".  All Torx bits wear out and are available almost anywhere in bulk packs.  Replacing a the entire earlier-design PSD tool (which  also has a lifetime warranty) just because the small Torx wore out was not sustainable.  


*remember, see the FAQ page for information on your Strider!


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