Snugpak Crossover Bag



The Crossover™ by Snugpak® is another sought after and requested product. The Crossover™ is a great single shoulder strap day pack for anyone. With its single shoulder strap criss crossing over the owners chest it makes it easy to put on and take off as well as very comfortable. Also there is a small section of MOLLE webbing on the waist strap where someone could place a pouch for a cell phone, flashlight, knife etc. Also there is webbing on the shoulder strap where a phone or portable radio could be attached or a hydration drinking tube could be routed and secured for easy access. The Crossover™ also has a hidden compartment that can be accessed from two different zippered openings. The concealed compartment has one panel completely covered in Velcro® to attach various pouches or holsters for a handgun, knife, OC spray, money, passport, etc. 


  • Zippered concealed compartment with Velcro® backing 
  • Built-In Hydration Pouch
  • Waist strap (can be removed if not needed or desired)
  • MOLLE Webbing on waist strap