Red Blade Knives - Framelock PIG


Framelock PIG:

This is 1 of 8 Framelock PIGs. We had a lot of fun with these, the titanium handles are anodized a variety of colors, from steel blue to gold, dark blue, and purple. Each handle slab is 1/4" thick solid titanium, one side is checkered. The custom thumb stud is also titanium and made in house. The rest of the knife is pure PIG...check out it's description below.

100% Made in the USA

Details like the solid .27” titanium back-spacer, which is milled in-house, combines the inherent strength of the traditional back-spacer with the openness of standoffs. It goes one better then by giving you the strength of a solid back, yet leaving the back completely open to make cleaning simply a matter of running water or air through the knife.

The ¼” S30V blades combine what many believe is the strongest knife steel on the market today, with grinds that give you an unusually sharp edge in a design built for hard use. The jimping on the front and back of the blade, as well as the back-spacer on both sides allow you to have positive grip surfaces in any type of hold and in any conditions - wet hands, muddy hands, gloved hands, it won’t matter. Although the knives come with a rough tumbled blade finish, the area around the pivot is mirror polished for an incredibly smooth action! Bronze washers are used with white lithium grease, because it is a tried and true combination that is less susceptible to dirt than bearings.

Both the stop pin and the lanyard pin are all hardened 440 steel and are identical, which basically means that you have a spare stop pin! Our .080” titanium liners are full thickness from top to bottom making them thicker and stronger than many frame-locks, which although some do have thicker sections, they are milled or relieved at some point to a thinner dimension for ease of flexibility - at the cost of blade strength.


Red Blade Knives introduces: the Pig