RMJ ZP Cut Cord Cutter



This slick tool has about 1,000 uses. I helped the talented RMJ Ryan Johnson come up with the concept of a cord/line cutter that could be attached just about anywhere... put it on a zipper, key chain, loop it on a MOLLE strap -stash it about anywhere. The ZP-CUT is also handy on your key chain or a lanyard. This will allow you to effortlessly cut any type of line one-handed by just looping it in the cutter and applying a little pressure. Don't risk dropping a knife in the water or snow, or off a cliff. Made from durable 303 stainless steel, the ZP-CUT is up to the toughest tasks.  

The 360 degree cutting edge give you a ton of cutting surface for any camping or fishing trip. You simply loosen the screw and rotate the disc cutter to expose the unused edge.  

Get one while they last!