Mick Strider Custom SJ75 Stealth


Overall construction is of 6AL4V Titanium. All components except for blade, clip screw, pivot nut and bearings are Titanium. The clip screw and pivot nut are stainless.

SJ75 knives are constructed using only two fasteners. The pivot and clip screw.  The pivot on the SJ75 is a solid .200” titanium bolt. The skull is contoured into the bolt head. The contour matches that of the knife surface.

The Pivot Bolt is press fit into the non locking side of the knife. Both the pivot bolt and pivot nut are indexed into a double counter bore to insure accuracy.

This pivot system uses a precision inner bushing to keep the blade at the exact correct tension. There is no adjusting the pivot. (this isn’t new, just the way Mick does it).

The bump stops are massive, .187” Ti. There is an open and a closed stop. The two stop pins add strength and rigidity to the knife.

The scales are made of 6AL4V Titanium, which has been stress relieved, flattened, and double disk ground to +/- .002”.

The 3D contouring is inclusive to the entire outer surface of the scales, including the lock web.

The lock slot is cut using Wire EDM. Its cut at a 45 degree angle, rather than a 90. This keeps the lock bar from over opening without the use of the Hinderer disk.

The lock has a “Half Cock” feature that keeps it from closing on your hand in a one handed closing situation. The detent ball acts as a stop when closing the blade with one hand.

The Full Stealth has a Chromium Nitride coated blade and Titanium parts.

Chromium Nitride coated blades are zero ground before coating.  Then sharpened on one side to maintain the RC85 cutting surface of the Chromium Nitride.  Pay attention when re sharpening your blade to insure proper edge geometry.

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