MSC SnG Stellite 6K


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Mick Strider Full Custom Stellite 6K SnG. The blade is harpoon style nightmare grind and the handle is ranger green concealed carry. Has titanium ball bearing pivot. Blade is marked '6K' and signed in the choil 'M.Strider'. Clip has new 'MSC' logo laser etching.  Includes MSC logo patch.

As always, Blue Line Gear includes a zipper presentation case and free Fed Ex shipping and insurance to US addresses.

STELLITE ® 6K is a cobalt based alloy with outstanding resistance to most types of wear. Their wear resistance is inherent. It is a "built in" characteristic and not the result of heat treatment, plating, nitriding or other methods used to produce a  superficial hardness on metal parts.
High temperatures have little effect on the hardness, toughness or dimensional stability of 6K. It is resistant to atmospheric oxidation at both low and elevated temperature; outstanding in severe conditions of wear combined with corrosion and/or high temperature. 6K has greater abrasion resistance and lower ductility than 6B.

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