Frog Lube 8oz. Kit



  • Creates a durable and dry slippery surface that reduces friction and dissolves carbon on contact.
  • Liquid and Paste can be used interchangeably as a CLP. The liquid was designed to penetrate into the internals and the paste serves well as a "stick where you want it" lubricant for the externals.
  • Froglube contains no known toxins, so it is safe to handle or to come in contact with skin and will not irritate eyes.
  • Firearms parts can be warmed before application to improve the application and absorption. A few minutes in the sun will do it, or apply right after shooting when weapon is hot.
  • When used repeatedly, Froglube eases later cleaning.
  • Acts extremely well as a rust preventative


The FrogLube dual kit includes CLP in liquid and paste form. Use the liquid to penetrate into small parts on the internals of a weapon and apply the paste where it is necessary to have it stay in place. Also included is a reusable micro fiber cleaning cloth and military issue general cleaning / scrub brush. This kit is sure to simplify you maintenance routine while making your guns operate smoother and last longer.   

Technical Information

Ingredients: Petroleum-Free, Non-Toxic, Proprietary formula

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