Emerson Mini Roadhouse

mini roadhouse


Think whiskey, think choppers, think Rock ‘n’ Roll and you’ll know what the Roadhouse is all about, and the moment you pick it up, you’ll know why it lives up to its name.

The more that I handle this knife, the more I’m thinking this is one of Emerson's best designs.  Just like a chopped Harley, this knife is low slung and ready to roar.  It feels like you’ve just dropped the clutch and it’s trying to jump out of your hand. And just like a Harley, you’ve got to have a Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw’s soul to carry a Roadhouse. 

If a chopper could be a knife it would be the Roadhouse.  This is a bad-to-the-bone fighter with a rebel’s soul and a Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude that cannot be tamed.  Pick it up and you can just about smell the Jack Daniels.  This knife is destined to be an Emerson classic.

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