Breakthrough Solvent



Is this product safe on my wood grips? Yes, Breakthrough® is safe to use on wood.  However, it will dry untreated wood, so the wood grip should be oiled after cleaning.

Is this product safe on my metal surfaces? Yes, Breakthrough® is PH-Neutral (non-corrosive) and therefore safe and effective in cleaning ALL metal surfaces including bore and firing mechanisms.

Will this product remove the bluing or chrome plating? No, Breakthrough® will not remove bluing or chrome plating.

Is this product safe on my poly and composite pieces?  Yes,Breakthrough® is safe on poly and composite pieces.

Is this product safe on my cerakoted or hydro-printed parts? Yes, Breakthrough® will have no adverse effect to cerakote or hydro-printed parts.

Is Breakthrough® a CLP?  No, Breakthrough® is a military grade firearm cleaning solvent, not a CLP.  your firearm should be oiled / greased / lubricated as per manufacturer's instructions after cleaning. 

What is the shelflife? Breakthrough® has no expiration date and infinite shelf life.

Is there an odor with Breakthrough®? Breakthrough® is virtually odorless.

What are the flash and freeze points Breakthrough®? The flash point is 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This is 9 degrees above the stipulated Mil-Spec it conforms to. The freeze point is currently unkown.  However, it has been at temperatures below -190 degrees Fahrenheit without freezing.

Can Breakthrough® be used in an ultrasonic cleaner? Yes, it can be used in an ultrasonic cleaner with spectacular results. However, it is recommended you turn OFF the heater. The ultrasonic cleaner must be set at around 40-45 kHz for best results.

Breakthrough®'s label states it's non-flammable, but also states it's combustible. Can this be explained? The non-flammable claim is made due to the flash point of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Liquids witha  flash point under 100 degrees are considered flammable.  Liquids with a flash point from 100 degrees to 200 degrees are considered combustible.  Breakthrough® is considered a Class IIIA combustible liquied having a flash point greater than or equal to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and below 200 degrees Fahrenheit.