BLG Field Knife



One of our best pals in the world is a gun maker/designer by the name of Bernie White.  He holds several patents and has been in the industry for over 50 years making everything from silencers to machine guns to flachette rounds and everything in between. 

He is one of those guys who knows everything there is to know about machining and making really practical tools for end users.  The other day while at his shop he pulled out this knife he called the camp tool aka "chopper".  I was immediately intrigued.  It was thick, stout, and really well built. 

After a little pleading he agreed to make us a limited run of only 10 of them for our customers.  They are all completely hand made by Bernie in his shop here in Minnesota.

Bernie started with a solid 3/8" thick piece of 4140 high quality stainless tool steel.  It's been heat treated to 58 rockwell and cryogenicly frozen.  The handles are thick slabs of phenolic- a super sturdy combination of linen and epoxy that's very similar to G10.  Horizontally milled lines at varying depths make for a very solid grip surface.  The grips are epoxyed to the full tang and then further secured by 3 solid brass pins that are cut and pounded in place.  A beveled lanyard hole is also at the base of the grip.  The handles are also a little oversized for use with gloved hands and the design is such that your hand really locks in place while chopping away at something.

Each knife is supplied with a kydex scabbard with multiple lashing points so you can securly mount it to your gear.