Alpha Shovel

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The Alpha Shovel™ is the ultimate all-terrain multi-shovel tool for all the adventurers, property managers, and just about everyone out there who needs a tool that improves the efficiency of your work and is portable.

The Alpha is an extra $75 of “save your ass” for removing hard pack and ice from a walkway in a hurry so that no one falls or for digging out a car or a truck in a blizzard so that you don’t have to call for an expensive tow truck. The Alpha cuts your shoveling time in half and comes along with you via a convenient 1.25" wide strap shrouds (for nylon webbing or an NRS strap) so that it is always handy when you need it. The telescoping indexed, locking shaft locks into the blade when not in use so that you can invert the shovel and retain the shaft.

Convenient, powerful. portable. The Alpha does it all.