5.11 Kneepads



Kneepads (Pair):

  • 3/8 inch neoprene
  • Designed to contour with knee
  • Nylon backing for easy insertion
  • Fits Tactical, TDU and HRT pants

Designed originally for the 5.11 Tactical Pants, these neoprene kneepads have been designed to slip easily into the knee pockets of tactical pants and flex easily- no matter what your activity.  Whether you are working on the range, performing defensive tactics or involved in a critical incident, your knees need protection.  The kneepads can be used with 5.11's TDU, Taclite® Pro and HRT pants.  Made of neoprene with a smooth nylon backing, the 3/8 inch foam pads can take the wear and tear of the heaviest law enforcement activities.  The 5.11 Kneepads are a great value when you consider the added protection provided to your knees.