Olaf Anderson Spike



Another unique run of a useful tool by our pal Olaf Anderson!

These all TIATANIUM SPIKES have a multitude of uses and a really cool look to them.  Each one is a little different -that is they are all the "same size" but each is a full custom piece that has different grinds to the tip, unique and awesome acid etching, and various grinds or other stock removal to the body.  There is a lanyard hole on the pommel of all of them.  Olaf has made a few similar to this in the past but he's told us therse are all a much more aggressive and pointy grind than the others he has done.

All come with a custom G10 sheath and static line cord that can be attatched to your gear, or worn on your person in a variety of ways.

We still have a few of the ATS openers in too- see those here....http://www.bluelinegear.com/product/Titanium-ATS-Bottle-Opener-MultiTool



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